Mendocino Renegade



Mendocino Renegade Certification...

  • serves as an inexpensive, credible program of labeling local, biologically produced food, feed, and beverages for the benefit of producers (farmers / ranchers), processors (retailers, wholesalers, restaurants), and consumers.
  • offers reasonable cost to local producers and processors with minimal paperwork
  • assures that food is produced according to biological principles, as defined by Renegade standards, and free of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms.
  • is manageable for the "certifier"
  • minimizes the role of government and politics in biological agriculture

Mendocino Renegade is a project of Mendocino Organic Network.


The standards for the Mendocino Renegade (MR) label are designed to result in the production of high quality, biologically produced food.

Only those farms and businesses that use biological methods for their entire farm or operation can qualify for the Mendocino Renegade label. Critical features include peer certification and the prohibition of parallel and mixed production

Neither parallel or mixed production is allowed under Mendocino Renegade standards unless a specific temporary exception is granted after operations review and approval by the Certifying Committee.

Mendocino Renegade certification does not in any way imply or suggest affiliation or compliance with any other certification program.


  • A Certifying Committee composed of members representing biological producers, processors, and consumers, is responsible for administering the labeling program, final approval or denial of applications, and maintaining the integrity of the program
  • Producers and processors must meet or exceed the practices outlined in Standards and must submit the following:
    • A completed application (available in Renegade Application section)
    • A short (1 page or less) description of the operation
    • A standard checklist / questionnaire covering prohibited practices, etc.
    • A signed affidavit that the description and questionnaire are accurate and true
    • An initial non-refundable fee to cover the cost of the reviews and administrative costs
  • Initial reviews to be done by peer reviewers who have been certified in the past.
  • The Certifying Committee will approve or deny the operation for the use of the label
  • Renewal of the label must be done annually by providing a current affidavit and paying a fee to cover costs of administration and maintenance of the website
  • If operation has changed substantially or if there is credible reason to suspect that an operation is not as stated, the Certifying Committee may request a new review-- to be paid for by the processor or producer
  • Mendocino Organic Network/Mendocino Renegade will maintain a web site with the descriptions of all operations that are currently certified


Parallel production is production where the same crops or products, some biological and some conventionally farmed, are produced on the same farm or ranch and/or under the same brand name. This could happen, for instance, if your ranch were Renegade certified, but you were purchasing animals for sale under your brand name from a conventional producer.

Mixed production is production where different crops or products, some certified Renegade and some conventional, are produced on the same farm or ranch and/or under the same brand name--conventional pork and Renegade certified beef, for example.